GACS  - 2012/2013


To restore in our school community the image of our Creator


To equip and challenge each student to reach his or her potential: spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.  As a community of parents, students, and teachers, in cooperation with Christ, we seek to learn, through scripture and nature, God’s revelation of Himself.

Our greatest desire is to impact our world through a lifestyle of unselfish service to others.

Values-driven Goals

A Community of Learners

This goal is taken directly from our mission statement

It is one of our most sacred goals

Parents, students, teachers, home and school, and the school board must meet often and work closely together to maintain unity and singleness of purpose. 

A Biblical Worldview

The whole curriculum is centered around “The Words and Works of God”

Children must understand the major themes of the Bible: 

1. God’s love for His children

2. God’s creatorship of the universe

3. the origin of sin

4. the work of redemption

5. each individual’s part in God’s plan

6. hope for the future 

Real-world Math

Mastery of the basic math facts and algorithms is the foundation.

Math skills and understanding flow naturally from science observations and experiments, use of graphic organizers, and manipulatives. 

Use of math in daily activities builds an understanding of why math is a useful and essential skill.

Inquiry-based Science

Inquiry-based science aims to instill a lifelong link between the Creator and His creation

fostering an attitude of awe and wonder as students learn to view nature as a window into the mind of God

This approach is based on the scientific method and strives to develop original thinking, not “mere reflecting of the thoughts of others”.

Language Arts

The ability to read fluently and with understanding, to write clearly and persuasively, and to spell accurately is crucial to success in today’s world.

Our teacher is an expert in guiding each student into a program to ensure a timely mastery of each area

Health and Fitness

We use the study of human physiology to arouse interest in healthful living

Food production forms a springboard into exploring a healthy diet and new habits 

Emphasis is placed on self-challenging personal skills such as jump rope, juggling , gymnastics, tinikling, etc.

Social Studies

We use missionaries and their work around the world to explore geography and culture

Hand’s-on experience in mapmaking


    Learning Goals:

      1. Students will become familiar with technology and its use in modern living

      2. File management

      3. Word processing

      4. Keyboarding

      5. E-mail

      6. Graphics

      7. Search engines

      8. Desktop publishing

      9. Foreign Language

      10. Basic skill drills

      11. The internet as a learning tool

      12. Presentations

      Aimed specifically at sharing God’s love through media

      A continuum of skills prepares each student to communicate ideas effectively

Sustainable Agriculture

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) approach.  


       order catalogs

       research plant varieties

      decide on crops

      develop product brochures: box contents, delivery schedule, pricing, etc.

      sell shares

      order supplies

      start plants in classroom grow box

      study plants, TOPS is great

      transplant into greenhouse

      set up garden plan

      recruit helpers

      plant garden

      weed and water


      wash, dry, cool, and bag


   This program plus the development of a “Back to Eden” community garden would be a great combo

   We will need to continually report on web site, newspaper, radio, power point, etc. to keep our community informed.

    Forms the perfect laboratory for science and math explorations

    Working with living things brings the children into a close relationship with the Creator of all life

Practical Work

Encourages close observation and independent thought

Opportunities will include agriculture, organized care for the school plant, cooking classes, domestic and lifestyle skills

Using daily tasks to teach stewardship


Each student will become familiar with the fundamentals of music - rhythm, notes on the scale, timing, etc.

Opportunity will be given for listening to great music and exploring the composers who wrote it. 

Memorization of scripture using music will be emphasized

Areas of Emphasis

Real-world outreach activities and projects: church and community programs

Development of a lifestyle of unselfish service as students develop a relationship with Jesus and learn to communicate His love through their unique giftedness 

Building a “Family” atmosphere through cooperative learning, peer-to-peer and cross-age tutoring

Contact Info:

School Phone: 773-3120

School e-mail: goldendaleadventistschool@gorge.net

School Web page: www.goldendaleschool.org

Teacher: Carrie Ferguson  Cell phone 253-736-4222

School Board Chair: Gary Garvin 773-3674

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